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-English is not my first language, this is a fun project I do in between looking for a job.
-Completely unrelated, please consider donating me a cup of coffee. I need it to live.




-I want people to be able to read their favorite stories quickly. My focus is speed + base story comprehension. These fan translations are meant to be quick and chill. Please do not get angry over them.
-If you know where to find RAWs for the thing you want to read, comment and I'll find it and probably scanlate it.

*I promise the translations are accurate, and anything input super literally instead of made comfortable for English readers is not essential to the story, and technically about as accurate as can be since it's a direct translation. For those lines to make sense you have to frame it within Japanese speaking context which I believe is actually educational. This may upset some of you but I'd say it's other translators that take too many creative liberties with the dialogue.

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