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I’m NOT open for any collaboration anymore!

You can text me here on Bato (V3) if you are going to drop any BL or comics from tapas, lezhin or tappytoon! 

If you see anything wrong with the chapter dm me privetly, I do not look into comments regularly!

Scedual 👇🏻


```♥️ ━━━━MY UPLOADS━━━━ ♥️```

☬๑ MONDAY ๑☬

The Second Dawn  
Cuffed! ﹛Official﹜
Radia [Official]
The Sweetest Snare
Single Not Ready to Mingle


Blood Hotel  -> collab with Vikija
Will You Take Responsibility for Making Me Lust After You? - An Old Man’s Convincing SEX
Kill Me Now [Official]
The Fangs That Pierce the Heart -> collab with Euclasa
Shining in Nightmares
Happy Merry Ending {Official}
Who Are You, Creator? -> collab with Mischarv


Long Live the Night
How to Be the Chosen One 
Blood Under the Moonlight
99% in Love﹛S2 - R19﹜
Blood and Love
Wind Beneath My Wings
Neuromance -> collab with Nourleen_san
Sierra On Strike! (Official)
Heart Effect (Lezhin Official) -> collab with Queen_B_


Worth the Wait (Official) 
Between Us (Official)
Slammer Dogs
Before Our Story Comes to an End
Hidden Beneath His Wings﹛Official﹜
Friends Forever After?﹛Official﹜
Don't Trust the Female Lead


☬๑ FRIDAY ๑☬

Necromancer Survival 「Official」 ❖HIATUS❖
The Sum of Us ❖HIATUS❖
Devil at the Crossroads [Mature Official]  -> collab with Nourleen_san
Talk Dirty to Me
The Red Nights at the Duke's Castle ❖HIATUS❖
There's No Use Hanging On
Dawn of the Dragon ❖HIATUS❖
Don of a New Love﹛Official﹜
Mr. Wolf Is Violently Smothering Me with Love (Official) ❖HIATUS❖
Vivarium ﹛Official﹜


Ultimate Rogue's Awakening (Tapas)
To a Happy Ending for the Tragic Novel ❖HIATUS❖
Taboo Temptations 
Tales Of The Kirin
Blotted Pages
The Empress Wants To Avoid the Emperor  ❖HIATUS❖
Trapped in a Circle (Official) -> collab with Mischarv
Seducing the Lady's Lover

☬๑ SUNDAY ๑☬

Man's Best Boyfriend ❖HIATUS❖
Manhattan Romance (Official) ❖HIATUS❖
The Mighty Extra: One Girl Changes the World
Destiny Next Door (Official)
Wrong Night Stand
Act Like a Boss Monster, Mr. Swallow!
The Clandestine Marriage of a Fox
The Villainous Princess Won't Tolerate a Bad Ending

☬๑ EVERY 10 DAYS ๑☬

Fate Makes No Mistakes [Official] │10 ♦️ 20 ♦️30│
The Priest Dreaming Of A Dragon (Official) │11 ♦️ 21 ♦️ 31/1│
Dark Fall (Official) │9 ♦️ 19 ♦️ 29│
Sunnyside Daycare Classmates │2 ♦️ 12 ♦️ 22│ -> collab with Nourleen_san
Steel Under Silk │4 ♦️ 14 ♦️ 24│
Abnormal Roommate │6 ♦️ 16 ♦️ 26│ -> collab with Nourleen_san


 ☆Breaking Through the Clouds 2: Devouring the Seas  
Drunk on You
Rubbing It In (Official)
Sensitive Touch
I'm Living with my Mother-in-law! (Official)
The Empire’s Cutest Little Hostage
Recipe For Disaster

☬๑ HIATUS ๑☬
We Are Not Friends 2 [Season 2+] 
Take on me! 
In the Name of the Savior
The Skeleton Becomes a Cat Dad

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